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Best Cosmetic Dentist in Siliguri and Namchi

Do you go out of your way to hide those lovely teeth in pictures or on your social media? You have come to the right place, meet Dr. Prabhat Gupta and team with over a hundred successful smile makeover stories. 

Professional Teeth Whitening

Experience a radiant smile with iDentist Dental Clinic’s Professional Teeth Whitening service. Our skilled dentists utilise advanced techniques and safe treatments to brighten your teeth, ensuring a confident, dazzling smile. 


Transform your smile with Veneers at iDentist Dental Clinic. Our expert dentists craft custom, natural-looking veneers, enhancing the appearance of your teeth and giving you a confident, radiant smile. 

Dental Crowns

Experience dental excellence with Crowns at iDentist Dental Clinic. Our skilled team offers custom dental crowns to restore and enhance the function and appearance of your teeth, ensuring a lasting, natural smile. 

Braces & Aligners

Discover the path to a straighter smile with Braces and Aligners at iDentist Dental Clinic. Our experts offer personalised orthodontic solutions, ensuring a confident, well-aligned smile for a lifetime of dental wellness. 

Composite Bonding

Revitalise your smile with Composite Bonding at iDentist. Our skilled team employs this non-invasive cosmetic procedure to enhance teeth, correcting imperfections and creating a natural, dazzling appearance you’ll love. 

Best Cosmetic Dentist in Siliguri and Namchi

With state-of-the-art facilities and technology like digital smile planning and 3D imaging, Dr.Prabhat Gupta and the team at iDentist Dental Clinic treat minor cosmetic adjustments with the same care and attention as a full smile rehabilitation – and always with stunning yet natural results.

Root Canal Treatment

Experience relief and restoration with Root Canal Treatment at iDentist. Our skilled team employs advanced techniques to save damaged teeth, alleviating pain and preserving your oral health for a brighter smile. 

Dental Fillings/Cavity Fillings/Tooth Fillings/Cavity Tooth

Restore your dental health with Cavity Fillings at iDentist. Our experienced team utilises advanced techniques and materials to repair cavities, ensuring lasting protection and maintaining your radiant smile. 

Pediatric (Kids') Dentistry

Discover compassionate Pediatric Dentistry at iDentist. Our caring team specialises in children’s dental health, providing gentle and comprehensive care to ensure your child’s smile grows healthy and bright. 

Routine Teeth Cleaning & Dental Checkups - Superior Dental Hygiene

Discover top-notch dental hygiene at iDentist with Routine Teeth Cleaning & Dental Checkups. Our skilled team ensures your oral health is optimal through thorough cleanings and comprehensive checkups. 

Dental Bridges

Restore your smile’s beauty and functionality with Dental Bridges at iDentist. Our skilled team expertly designs and places custom bridges to replace missing teeth, ensuring your oral health and confidence. 


Explore your smile’s beauty and functionality with Dentures at iDentist. Our skilled team crafts custom dentures to replace missing teeth, ensuring comfort and restoring your oral health and confidence. 

Pain-free Tooth Extraction

Experience pain-free Tooth Extraction at iDentist. Our gentle and skilled team ensures a comfortable and stress-free procedure, prioritising your well-being and offering effective tooth removal solutions. 

Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Experience expert Wisdom Tooth Extraction at iDentist. Our skilled team ensures a seamless and comfortable procedure, relieving you from the discomfort and potential complications associated with problematic wisdom teeth. 

Dental Implants

Experience comprehensive Dental Implants at iDentist. Our skilled team offers state-of-the-art implant solutions to restore missing teeth, ensuring a natural look, comfortable fit, and long-lasting oral health enhancement. 

Dental Diagnostics & X-ray

Experience precise Dental Diagnostics & X-ray services at iDentist. Our advanced technology and skilled team provide comprehensive dental assessments, ensuring accurate diagnoses and personalised treatment plans for your oral health. 

Dental Emergency Care

Trust iDentist for prompt Dental Emergency Care. Our experienced team provides urgent dental solutions, alleviating pain, addressing injuries, and ensuring your oral health is swiftly restored when you need it most.